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If you took Disney World, Dave & Buster's, San Diego Comic-con, E3 and threw them all in a blender, what you would get is The Game Room. The Game Room is a planned large format modern entertainment center for gamers and cosplayers of all skill levels.  It will be focused on amazing experiences for all with a convention like atmosphere.  The Game Room will host live events and provide the opportunity for it's guests to take part in really immersive experiences like video game tournaments and cosplay competitions.  

Video Game Developers

Community & Coding

Each Game Room Club location will support community building programs. We will partner with local schools to offer free coding classes for K-12 students and work with local agencies to provide specialized computer literacy classes for seniors.

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A group of 5 super hero cosplayers posing for a photo, including wolverine, Mera, Aquaman, Cyclops, and emma frost.


The Game Room will celebrate cosplay culture by sponsoring Cosdays. We will offer discounts to those who participate by arriving in cosplay of their favorite movie, cartoon, or book characters.  We will also have cosplay contests to showcase the effort of those cosplayers who put in the work to bring their selected characters to life.

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Free Play Gaming

Each Game Room location will have a large open game arena with which can support 1000 gamers at a time at individual gaming/streaming battle-stations. You'll be able to use your own console or laptop, or rent one from us. Each location will also have over 30 eponymous game rooms.  The game rooms (see our demo space) are enclosed rooms that will be setup like a living room for a more comfortable, upscale, and private gaming experience featuring multiple large TV screens, great sound , RGB lighting, sofa seating, and peripheral attachment points for recording or live-streaming gaming sessions. Each room will accommodate up to ten people to comfortably play and/or spectate. In addition to the above each location will host an exclusive VIP space for club members.

two individuals hands holding up to playstation dualshock controllers with a tv showing a soccer game blurred in the background.
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four individuals on an esports team playing a game

Skills Based Gaming

The Game Room will host multiple weekly competitions for popular competitive multi-player game titles. These competitions will include our Club Play games as well as our Tournaments. Club members will keep track of their accomplishments with our proprietary Gamer Intelligent Management (GIM) Badge Ranking System which will allow members to earn certain badges on our app. Badges will allow gamers to move up in rank within the game room to be able to show off their skills, access larger tournament prizes, and take advantage of various perks on offer. Club Play games will take place virtually multiple times per week across a variety of game titles. Winners of Club Play games will be paid for each game they win. Tournaments will take place in person and be separated by gamer skill level. The tournaments will be separated into various ‘conferences’ based on skill level and will have higher priced entry fees and larger prize pots for the winners. Gamers must increase in rank in order to be able to qualify for the tournaments in the higher level conferences. Placing in the top of their particular conference for the game they specialize in allows a gamer to challenge for the next highest conference, increasing their rank.

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a persons hands holding up a cell phone camera over a spread of delicious looking food getting ready to take a picture of the food.

Eat & Drink

Key to the entertainment experience will be food & beverage.  The Game Room will serve high quality menu options that cater to a range of palettes and dietary preferences. The restaurant will be a casual dining affair with decor that fits the theme of the particular Game Room it’s situated in.  Each location will include local favorites in order to demonstrate an appreciation for the local food culture. 

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